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Psa 112:9 NIV “He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor, his righteousness endures forever; his horn will be lifted high in honor”

I have always loved Psalm 112. It is to a man what Proverbs 31 is to a woman. In both cases they are templates to be shaped to and the reflections of a mirror that any man or woman would desire to see of themselves. When the Bible says to be conformed to the image of Christ and a man or woman wants to have a greater revelation of that image, these are two passages that are often looked to for greater insight.

Psalm 112 are verses I go back and meditate on over and over again. I have never read these verses without gaining strength and a renewed vigor as to the kind of person God desires me to be. Let me make it clear that these verses are by no means for men only. They are much about strength of character, integrity and identity in the Lord. Those qualities are universal to men or women.

In today’s Fresh Manna verse, the righteous person is one who scatters his gifts to the poor. This statement is often thought of and interpreted as one who gives monetary or material gifts to those that are lacking. That is a proper interpretation of that verse but the application does not stop there. This person scattering his gifts is one that is acting instinctively out of the core of his/her being. Just as he finds it necessary to breath, so is it also a part of him to give. The reason it would be shallow to think in terms of just monetary or material is because God has endowed us with gifts that go beyond the monetary or material.

The majority of people experience times when their ability to give monetary or material gifts are limited. But according to Romans 12:6 says “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” The Bible tells us that by the grace of God, He has endowed us with various giftings and talents. These are very precious gifts. An example of just one type of gifting mentioned is the gift of mercy.

I think that most of us have had an occasion where we’ve done something really stupid. At times like that, not only are we beating ourselves up, but often others are also. It’s not a fun season in life. God will often send a mercy motivated person along about that time – a person who does everything in their power to comfort you and share with or remind you of God’s love and forgiveness, and does their best to bring you into a place of comfort through their love and kind or exhorting words.

You would have a great appreciation for this gift scattered to you called mercy. All the various talents and abilities that God has provided us with are gifts that can be scattered abroad continually. Every time you bring your child into a church children’s ministry classroom during a church service, you are being blessed by people that are scattering their gifts abroad for the blessings of others. They minister to your child so that you yourself can be ministered to without distraction.

The gifts that the righteous man or woman scatters abroad are not limited to monetary or material things. Each one of us had a deep well of riches within us to scatter. As we begin to draw out, share and scatter what we have to anyone around us whom needs that touch of God’s love, we’ll see that we have much to give. It helps shape us to becoming the mighty men and women of God who are steadfast in the Lord. Be blessed in your day as you dig down deep to give something to someone in need today!

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

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