Words of Wisdom…

By Renee Burt

Recently, a difficult situation came up, that in the natural, baffled my mind…I knew I would need to say something. But no words came to mind…thankfully! Because, normally I would have jumped into the situation and said something…anything…because after all, I would have thought, “How can I just sit by and say nothing?” But the words I would have spoken would have surely voiced my frustration, and may have even been unkind, cutting remarks. So I was glad I felt speechless…and that the Lord had quieted my heart. And in that quietness, I knew He wanted me to just sit tight and wait for His words to come to me vs. spewing out my own thoughts. Hours went by, and I still felt His calming presence telling me to wait…to trust Him…to not say anything until He gave me the words to say. The day was slipping by, but the Lord seemed to be in no hurry! So I kept waiting…and then He spoke to my heart and gave me what I knew were the very words to speak into the situation. I was amazed, because I knew I hadn’t thought this up on my own. But then I thought, when am I supposed to say this? And how will they respond? Again…He quieted my heart, and assured me my heart would know when that door of opportunity was open. And not an hour later, I was able to say what He wanted me to say, without making any cutting remarks or bringing accusation…and it miraculously brought peace and healing to that situation and the people involved…the kind of peace that only He can give. What a gift to the situation that was…what a gift to me that He would give me the right words to say…ultimately, what a gift our God is! Selah…as the Psalmist David often said, which means “pause, and calmly think of that!”

Proverbs 12:18 NLT ~ Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.

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