Small Acts of Kindness Are Big!

By Renee Burt

Earlier this year, I spent a day at our annual church picnic.  It was a beautiful Minnesota day…but more importantly, once again, I was reminded of the beauty God brings into our lives through one another. And not always in the big ways that we would imagine, but in small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness.  Sometimes it happens when you simply wave and acknowledge that you notice someone.  Think about it…have you ever been in a crowded room where you didn’t see anyone you knew, but suddenly you see a smile, a silently mouthed “hi,” and a wave from someone across the room?  It can be the best feeling in the world, and not even one audible word has passed between the two of you.  Or maybe it’s just a few small words like, “I’m so glad you’re here!  It’s great to see you,” that can brighten someone’s day.  I loved hearing those words said to me yesterday, so I made sure I passed them along to other people too.  And just those simple kinds of words can put a smile on someone else’s face and bring beauty into their life that day.  So be generous with not just the big things…be generous with the small acts  and words of kindness that bring beauty and joy into the lives of the people around you…and watch…your life will become more beautiful and joyful in the process!  

Proverbs 16:24 NLT ~ Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. 

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