I Was Stuck But I’m Not Now!

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I Was Stuck But I’m Not Now! By Pastor Tim Burt

There was this funny Christmas movie I’ve watched a few times over the years. I think it’s called “The Christmas Story.” It always made me laugh but especially the scene where the boy puts his tongue on a steel pole and it freezes to it. It is so funny to me because I did that exact thing at that age. I was outside on the playground with my buddies just before the bell rang for recess to be over. My buddies were double daring me to put my tongue on the pole. I did and it stuck instantly. The bell rang and they left me there. It was freezing cold and I was afraid if I pulled my tongue from the pole, all the skin would come off. I finally did and only a little skin came off.

While I was standing there stuck to the pole I felt so stuck, so helpless, and so panicky. I know its how a lot of people feel right now with the economic woes that are going on. I’ve talked to people who feel paralyzed. Their circumstances scream trouble and they don’t know what to do. It seems no matter what move they make there is going to be pain.

I just want to remind us all that it’s Christmas. God has done a wonderful thing which we take the time to reflect on each year. The world was in a mess at the time Jesus came. The salvation of the world and mankind’s souls were fractured and lost. Yet God hadn’t abandoned His creation. God sent Jesus into this world to bring us eternal life and to give us a new life in Him. He also said He’d continue to be intimately involved in our lives if only we would trust and believe. The greatest miracle this world would ever receive was Jesus and it is the door to all others. Let all of Christmas steer your thinking in this direction. No matter how impossible your situation is, it is a situation that God cares about because God cares about you! He loves you. Jesus paved the way for your relationship to be reconciled and He paved the way for your miracle and His intimate help in your life. Only believe. You are not stuck – to a pole or to your situation! Only believe.

Mark 9:23 (The Message) “Jesus said, “If? There are no ‘ifs’ among believers. Anything can happen.”

Published by Pastor Tim Burt
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