He’ll NEVER Ignore You!

By Renee Burt

Recently, I knew I was going to spend time with a relative who has always been very difficult for me to talk to. So I had decided to think of some interesting questions to ask them, so we surely would be able to finally have a great conversation. I was hopeful…I was prepared…I was determined. But initially, the conversation went anywhere but where I had hoped it would. So in a lull during the “going-nowhere-in-a hurry” conversation we were having, I asked one of my best questions…one sure to open the door to some meaningful sharing of their memories, which I was excited to listen to. But instead of giving me an answer, they asked the question, “What’s that person saying in the other room?” And they abruptly stood up, and wandered into the next room to see what conversation they were missing in there.

I basically felt ignored, but I wasn’t ready to give up. So later, I waited for a primo opportunity and asked another question…believing that it was just a distraction that had got in the way the first time. Only this time the response was worse, because they gave me a one sentence answer, looked away, and turned on the television…full blast! Now that was being ignored with a capital “I!” So I left the room, walked into the bathroom, and quietly shed some tears. Why? Because I felt rejected and ignored by this person, who I was sincerely trying to connect with.

Maybe you can relate, because lately you’ve experienced something similar. Then take to heart this same verse that helped me dry my tears. Because although it’s true people may ignore or reject you, God will never reject you…and He will never stop loving you with an unfailing love…and He will never ignore you when you’re trying to talk to Him! In fact, go on ahead and shoot your best questions at Him…because even if the whole world ignores you, He’s just waiting to have some “going-somewhere-in-a-hurry” conversations with you!

Psalm 66:20 NLT ~ Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer and did not withdraw his unfailing love from me.

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