Lithuania: A Country Taking on Stand on Morality

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Lithuania: A Country Taking on Stand on Morality

When people think of the public morals of Europe, the word “decadence” comes to mind. Sex, drugs, and the decline and fall of the churches all define the trend. Amsterdam, for example is celebrated as “San Francisco times ten.”

But that portrait doesn’t fit as well in Eastern Europe. Take Lithuania, a small Catholic country of 3.3 million people that was forced to be a captive nation within the Soviet Union for five decades. At the end of 2009, their parliament, the Seimas, amended a new law passed in July for the protection of minors. It passed 58 to 4, with 25 abstaining.

The law limits a broad range of public information considered harmful to children, including graphic violence, instructions on how to make explosives, presentation of drug use in a positive light, pornography and ridicule or harassment based on race, religion, wealth or sexual orientation. The amendments also make clear that the legal restrictions apply to education, the mass media, advertising and all other types of public information, not to parents in the home.

This post is from: Bozell Column: Europe’s Decadent Education
By Brent Bozell | January 16, 2010 – 15:30

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