Update: Israel Shines in Haiti

This is one more reason why Israel is such a blessing to this world. Wouldn’t it be great to see every nation step in to help like this!

The World and Israel Respond to the Crisis in Haiti
Written by Steve Hunegs

The ongoing humanitarian crisis and tragedy in Haiti captures much of our attention. So much of the world is dedicated to helping as many as possible, as quickly as possible in cooperative efforts without regards to the many divisions that often separate people and nations. This is a slender but important reed of good amid the destruction and loss of life in Haiti.

Among the first to respond in conjunction with other nations and humanitarian relief agencies and heeding the call of President Obama has been Israel.

Israel has set up a field hospital in Port-Au-Prince and is treating patients there. The field hospital is prepared to receive dozens of ambulances evacuating injured children from the different disaster struck areas.

Israel has also:

-Provided 250 medical personnel — doctors, nurses, lab and x-ray technicians and even a psychiatrist – as well as supplies for a mobile hospital, including a pharmacy, a surgical unit, and a maternity ward.

Helped deliver three babies in the Israeli Field Hospital. One of the babies delivered was named “Israel” in honor of the country that helped deliver him.

-Provided the only full-service medical facility on the island equipped to handle complex surgeries.

-Provided rescue teams which have uncovered dozens of living victims trapped in the rubble caused by the earthquake.

Here are some news reports detailing Israel’s efforts to assist the people of Haiti:

CBS News: Israeli IDF Hospital: The “Rolls Royce” of Medicine in Haiti
BBC News: Israelis Saved Trapped Earthquake Victims
Sky News-UK: A Day with the Israeli Search Team

Locally, the important American Refugee Committee (ARC) is focused on helping displaced Haitians by providing shelter, water, and sanitation. ARC’s operations are currently focused in both Port-au-Prince and on the Haiti/Dominican Republic border area. ARC is immediately distributing relief supplies and is working with local NGOs to import medical supplies to distribute to community clinics and plastic sheeting to distribute to displaced communities. To contribute to ARC, please click here.

There are also many Jewish organizations who are responding to the crisis in Haiti including:

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Magen David Adom

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

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