Get Real!

by Renee Burt

I love people…I really do! And not just certain kinds of people…I enjoy the entire spectrum…everything from the introverts to the extroverts, from the artistically inclined to the intellectuals, from the old to the young, and everything in between. I’m fascinated by our cultural and gender differences, and I’m intrigued by our differences because of our life’s experiences. But there’s one quality in people that sends me over the top! And that’s when they’re real, genuine, nothing phony, with no hidden agendas or veiled implications in their conversation. It doesn’t matter if I agree with everything that they say…what does matter is that I’ve found someone who is willing to let me see who they really are. And what higher compliment can a person pay you than to trust you enough to let you see them for who they really are. Did you know that God feels the very same way? He loves each one of us, with all of our uniqueness…we’re all His favorites…but it endears us to Him when we’re real with Him in our conversations. Don’t mistake me here. He’ll listen to you even if you give it a stiff half-hearted effort. But He delights in it when you’ll have a warm, real, genuine heart-felt talk with Him. So let’s literally “get real!”

Proverbs 15:8 MSG ~ God can’t stand pious poses, but He delights in genuine prayers!

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