Celebrating America and Ethnic Heritage

First of all, to all my Hispanic friends and family, “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

The fifth of May is a historic date marking an important victory in the history of the Mexican army. On this date back in 1862, General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin guided his troops to victory against the French forces at the Battle of Puebla.

Ironically, Mexico doesn’t really celebrate the 5th of May like the United States does. In America, it’s more a celebration of the Mexican culture similar to other holidays that celebrate culture like St. Patrick’s Day and the Chinese New Year.

America is a wonderful melting pot of people from many nations. I would hope that any immigrant would always hold on to and remember and celebrate their own ethnic culture just as we celebrate Cinco De Mayo and the Hispanic culture of our Hispanic community today. The Hispanic community is a rich and beautiful part of our American heritage and I sincerely thank God for it. All ethnic heritages are what contribute to the beauty of what America stands for. It is also important for those that choose to make America their home, to also become acclimated to the culture of their new home and country and become true loyal Americans like every immigrant from our ancestry that came to this country. It’s what has made America what it is – a land of the free and home of the brave. Many of our forefathers and new immigrants today will tell you that they kissed the ground when they got to America – that they count it a privilege and blessing to live here.

When people immigrate to America to become citizens, they should embrace America, its government and laws, and the American flag. It doesn’t mean they are to give up their love for their home or culture. It does not mean they cannot have a voice or a difference of opinion about American values or ways. As citizens, they become entitled to bring change to our government and have a voice to shape America like all have had in the past. That is the beauty of democracy. For those who are not citizens but instead legal permanent residents, they are a guest in our nation. It is appropriate for guests should treat their host with respect and honor or not remain the guest. It is also appropriate for any host to treat guests, with respect and love.

I embrace and LOVE cultural diversity as it has enriched this country and my life personally. My son-in-law is Peruvian and I have many good friends that are of Hispanic, African, African American, Russian, and other ethnic nationalities.

We must stand together as a nation to show the world that all people no matter what their cultural, ethnic, and religious background are, can not only live together but celebrate our differences in love, peace, and unity. We must also love our country and realize that together, all our ethnic backgrounds and love for America are what make America the Beautiful!

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