David and Star McCoy – have a need.

David and Star McCoy – have a need. Their family home burned a month ago.
They are moving into an apartment in Columbia Heights at the end of June. I asked them to put together a list of needs they have to recover from this situation. If you can help them, their email address and number is listed below.
Bless you and thank you!
This is their list or requests!

  1. Sofa, brown if possible or neutral
  2. Chair
  3. end table
  4. lamp
  5. desk
  6. Kitchen table – small space round for 4 or 5 (they have chairs)
  7. dish drainer
  8. tea kettle
  9. shower curtain
  10. small dresser, boys (we have 1 of these)
  11. bedroom lamp, boys room
  12. comforter or blankets, boys
  13. twin sheets, we have 1 set for each of the boys
  14. food

We agree with them according to the Word that God will supply their every need according to His riches in glory — abundantly beyond what they could ask or think. Please feel free to call or e-mail them if you want to participate. Let’s shower them with more than they can ask or ask! They are so very precious to us.

Dave and Star McCoy’s email is davenstar@q.com or their cell phone is 612-554-9885

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