Layers of Warmth

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

On Saturday, I needed to get some work done in my yard in preparation for winter. It was a cool fall morning so I needed to dress warmer than I had been lately. I also know that I would get warm from the physical activity fairly quickly, so I dressed in layers. I put on a long sleeved t-shirt and then another shirt on top of that. I then put on an old hooded sweat shirt and a jean jacket after that. I was warm and ready to go to work in the cool brisk air.

As I thought, it didn’t take long to shed that jean jacket and much longer after that to shed the hooded sweat shirt. My body temperature was up and I was very comfortable in just my t-shirt and shirt.

As I was peeling off my first layer of clothing, the Lord suddenly spoke to me about layers. He said, “The body of Christ is like putting on layers.” He continued. “The first is my Word combined with prayer. It is the only thing that can sustain you, your faith, and your love for me. My Word combined with prayer is that critical first layer that will keep and protect you. But then I have other layers to for you to put on. When you go to church and enter into the worship and ministry of my word, it is like putting on another layer. It brings even more warmth to your life. When you get together with other believers, they are like another layer of warmth in your life. Being with like-minded people in fellowship helps keep you on track in your walk with Me. When you serve others in My name it’s like putting on yet another layer that keeps you warm. You won’t be doing all this every day. You will shed some throughout the week for a while, but then put them back on. They are all layers to keep and protect you. Without these layers you will feel cold and become cold.”

When Solomon built walls they were built with multiple reasons in mind including protection. And they were built with layers.

1 Kings 7:8-10 (MB) “He built his personal residence behind the Hall on a similar plan… No expense was spared—everything here, inside and out, from foundation to roof was constructed using high-quality stone, accurately cut and shaped and polished. The foundation stones were huge, ranging in size from twelve to fifteen feet, and of the very best quality. The finest stone was used above the foundation, shaped to size and trimmed with cedar. The courtyard was enclosed with a wall made of three layers of stone and topped with cedar timbers, just like the one in the porch of The Temple of God.”

As the Lord spoke this to me, I could see just how true that was in my life. When I have had all these layers on, I have felt so warm in the Lord. I do put these layers on again and again. They have protected me. They have kept me on track and contributed to my intimate relationship with the Lord.

It was such a good day in the yard and with the Lord. Layers work and help me keep in a right and a good “warm” place with God!

Psalm 31:19 (NLT) “Your goodness is so great! You have stored up great blessings for those who honor you. You have done so much for those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world.”

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

Published by Pastor Tim Burt
Copyright© 2010 All rights reserved

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