Gaining Strength in Weary Times

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

This morning I am up writing very early – much earlier than I should be. This should be my sleep time, but I am not sleeping. I’m not because I received some news yesterday that felt devastating to me at that time I heard it. I didn’t want to think about it because I knew it would attempt to create anxiety within me. If I opened those gates of meditating on it, I knew that fiery darts of the enemy would be flying at me and I would have to fight a battle of mental warfare that would rob me of my joy and sleep. I went to sleep fine last night, but woke up early – too early this morning with the wrong kind of thoughts raging in my mind.

Sometimes – maybe more often than not, people think Pastors and ministers of the gospel don’t go through the kinds of things we preach, teach, and minister to help others with concerning their cares. The fact is, we are all human and deal with all the same problems and issues everyone else does. We may know how to minister to or consul others through some of their issues and tough situations, but we still have to apply those same truths from the Word of God in our own life. And when we personally face situations that are negative, we fight the same warfare and it can be just as difficult for us as anyone else.

What happens when anyone receives bad news or a negative report? You immediately face “fiery arrows of the enemy” and have to deal with what the Lord tells us to be prepared for – the warfare that would attempt to steal our joy, our sleep, and our faith and peace in God. I am going to take a few days to walk you through dealing with these fiery arrows so that you always come out on top. You need to know it or be reminded of it because on some level and at too frequently, we face them. What I share will help you and at the same time refresh me so that I also am not robbed of any more sleep.

The first thing that happens when a negative report shows up in your life is that you face soulish warfare – the “fiery arrows or darts” which are the beginning and bombardment of negative thoughts that attack your mind and emotions. If you look at what God calls the “Weapons of our Warfare,” in Eph 6:10-17, you will see the weapons God has give us to resist these attacks of the enemy. They also help us understand ways the devil will attack us. There is great insight to be had through these verses.

The Apostle Paul starts out saying in Eph 6:10, “A final word: Be strong in the Lord’s mighty power.” Before Paul reveals any of our weapons, he is telling us that these attacks are designed to make us weak-kneed. He wants us to be knocked out in the first round by the first punch. Paul is telling us not to let that happen. He is telling us that you may not personally feel strong enough to fight this battle but that’s okay because you can be strong “in the Lord’s mighty power.” If we know – if we have faith and have confidence that the Lord will help us, then we won’t immediately be taken out. We will face the negatives that come against us knowing that the Lord will see us through. So we don’t want to start out weak. We start out strong in the Lord’s strength. That is why I did not stay in bed worrying and letting fiery darts overtake me. I got up to fight. What was the first fiery dart that came at me when I got up saying? “You have a long day a head of you. If you get up now, you’ll be exhausted and never make it through your day.” The devil is manipulative and tries to keep you in his control. If I would have stayed in bed, I would have obsessed over it.

My response was “No devil, I am not going to lie in this bed and stress out. If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get. The grace of God will get me though the day. I am going to get up and tell you who I am in Christ, put on the weapons of my warfare, and remind you of your future. I am also going to pray though this situation in faith knowing that my God cares about every detail of my life including this situation.” “My strength comes from the Lord and in that strength I rebuke you in Jesus name.”

I haven’t even listed one of the weapons of our warfare that God gives us but have already received strength knowing that God FIRST tells me to be “strong in the Lord’s MIGHTY power.” Just knowing that gets us into a better place!

I’ll pick up from here tomorrow, but if you have things coming against you to make you weak-kneed and overcome with mental warfare, remember to “be strong in the Lord’s mighty power,” not your own strength. That mighty power is the promise of His love and care for you that resides within you! More tomorrow…

‎2 Thes 3:3 “But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

In His love,
Pastor Tim

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