Looking Through These Eyes

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Today’s post is written by a very precious young woman Katie Stahlecker. I hope her perspective blesses you as it did me.

Let’s start here,

I now realize what you meant, by I’m lucky to have a roof over my head, by I’m lucky to have learned my manners, by I’m lucky that you are still together. I’m lucky that you did my laundry, I’m lucky that you helped me with money. I am lucky that you showed me the value of a dollar and made me pay my bills. I’m lucky you pushed me to work. Most of all though, I am so lucky that you pushed me. You pushed me to work through all of the rough spots in my life. Whether that be my bi-polar, my anxiety, my hard times, but the thing that I am most thank full for? For you pushing me to finish high school. When I was going through all of this I didn’t see the point of finishing. I was so frustrated with you and I just didn’t understand. Now I completely get it, and I am so thank full to you both. I am so lucky to have you guys standing by my side through the good, the bad, and the ugly in my life. I want to give all you teenagers that “can’t stand your parents” a tip. Just breath, the world is NOT going to end, your parents DON’T hate you, and you really DON’T have it that bad.

Since working at the assisted living home, I realized how amazing our elders are and how much they have given to our country in their time. I have heard so many amazing stories in the short time that I have worked there.

One man was in World War II. He had to leave his family to protect our country. He had to leave his family because he wanted to make a difference. He witnessed 7 people get shot, right in front of him. He then went on to become a firefighter, where he almost got killed numerous times. While risking his life, he had 7 kids. He sent them all to college.

I took his hand today and said Dan, Thank you so much for serving our country. You are what made the world what it is today.
What an amazing man.

Another man told me an amazing story today. He fought hard for our country, also in World War II. He witnessed the most brutal things that no one should ever have to see. He has in his wallet, a HAND WRITTEN LETTER, from HARRY TRUMANN thanking him for his dangerous work. He then went on to raise 11 children.

I took his hand today and said Art, Thank you so much for serving our country. You are what made the world what it is today.

What an amazing man.

I have met people that have owned bakeries, that have owned markets, that have ran major farms, one that worked as a nurse for 50 years. These people who we consider “old and shriveled” have impacted the world that we live in today. We should be so thank full for these people. Next time you see an older lady or man, sit down and talk to them. I bet they have an amazing story. Maybe give them a handshake and thank them.

Looking through these eyes, I continue to learn new things everyday. I am so thank full for everything I have.

I am so very lucky.

Published by Pastor Tim Burt

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