Showing love “One Way Everyday” by Diana Hagee

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Pastor John and Diana Hagee are a precious part of my life and two people I love dearly. I thank God for their influence on this world and my life.

I wanted to introduce you to her new blog “One Way Everyday” showing practical exercises of godly love! I hope you enjoy it!

 Showing love One Way Everyday to…  
Your husband: When you go to a restaurant that has paper on the tabletops; write “I love you” on it. It’s the smallest things that make a difference.
Your child: Help clean their room with them…yes I know you have screamed at them for the tenth time to do it! Tell them you love them as you do it! Do it with joy. Make a game of it. Try not to scream when you find a dead frog or two week old pizza under the bed! This is supposed to be a lesson of love!
Your grandchild: Show them how to set the table; the right way! Go on line or look in a cookbook that shows proper table settings. I know this sounds unusual but you are doing something with them one on one and you are showing them something that they can show their children one day.
Your friend: Give them something personal that you own which they have admired. It shows them that you love them more than things.
To God: Show a special kindness to someone else. Tell them it was from the Lord.
Remember this truth: God knows everything you do and why you do it!

You can find Diana’s blog here:  Showing Love One Way Everyday

In His Love,

Pastor Tim Burt

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