If My People Pray

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Today I am sharing a poem I stumbled upon that was written by a friend of my  twelve years ago. It seems to speak louder today than when I first wrote it.

If My People Pray by Sue Ellen Elliot

A woman stood tall

Never believing

these buildings could fall

could fall

Tears silently coursed

down her face

Feeling the sadness

of her country’s disgrace

As she looked up to heaven

And asked her God why

She received many answers

As she felt Him reply

I founded this country

on dignity and grace

In the hearts of your leaders

I still had a place

Not a decision decided

Without thoughtful prayer

Not a meeting attended

Without inviting Me there

Humbled before Me

On bended knee

Your leaders sought answers

For their liberty

Empowered by the prayers

Of the saints in those days

There were many incredible

And miraculous displays

But somewhere so subtly

Along the line

People decided I was not right

For this time

They stopped praying for directions

On what to do next

And decided to print

What would look good on text

I was told I was unwelcome

By word and by deed

As for God in the meetings

There was simply no need

So you see my dear child

I was watching that day

Although I am God

I was told go away

I have given free will

To the hearts of all men

And if uninvited

Cannot force my way in

The questions what now?

Will continue to come

I cannot give all the answers

But I will give you one

The tragedies and sadness

You have seen on this day

Can be avoided in the future

If My people will pray!

In His love,

Pastor Tim Burt

Published by Pastor Tim Burt
Copyright© 2013 All rights reserved


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