“On Being Found” A Beautiful Story

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by Pastor Tim Burt

The following is a heart-warming true story that I know will bless your heart! Enjoy! ~ Pastor Tim 

“On Being Found”
By Daniel Gutierrez

In life we experience surreal moments. Sometimes they’re our own surreal moments, like holding your newborn in your arms for the first time and realizing, “This is my child,” or standing at the altar, hearing, as if in a fog, the pronouncement that you and your love are now man and wife.

They are surreal, because we recognize that in these moments, something profound is happening – something that will forever change life from the way it was to the way it now will be.

And one of the greatest joys in life is getting to witness those moments in the lives of those we love. To catch a glimpse into these magical moments in life is so sweet.

We had the privilege of witnessing one of these moments.

There was a darling little one-year-old boy was abandoned at the hospital by his mother. The little boy had Down’s Syndrome and other physical disabilities, and perhaps the mother felt overwhelmed by what it would take to care for him. Whatever it was, he was left. Alone.

The children’s home where we served at, Padre Martinho’s Casa Hogar, received a call asking if they would be able to take him in for “just a week or so.” When he heard what had happened, the director, Brother Juan, immediately said yes, even though he knew it would certainly be more than a week and possibly permanent.

Jesús, a few weeks after arriving at the orphanage

We met “Jesús” (they gave him a name since he didn’t have one) shortly after when we went to volunteer with our church family. The entire team fell in love with Jesús; his mischievous, twinkly eyes and quick smile made him an instant favorite. Under the care of the staff, he grew healthy and strong. As the youngest child at the orphanage, he was everyone’s baby.

One day we went to visit “our kids” and as usual, our daughters Madeline and Macy came with us, and the first child they ran to look for was Jesús. We were told that he was at the clinic for a doctor’s visit and would be back soon.

A few minutes later, a middle-aged woman and a teenager knocked on the door. When Brother Juan let them in, Danny and I had just happened to walk into the room at the same time, so we got to hear their story.

They held up a picture of Jesús and asked if we had seen him. In tears, the woman told us how her granddaughter in Iquitos (the teenager with her) had received a call asking if she knew where the abandoned child’s family could be found. The granddaughter then reached out to her grandmother, who had been worried sick for the last few months because her daughter and grand baby had disappeared. Together, the grandmother and granddaughter had come to the children’s home when they had heard there was a chance the lost child had been found.

And just as they finished telling us their story, the doorbell rang. The nurse had just arrived home with Jesús. Everyone in the room looked at each other, took a deep breath, and then walked to the door.

We hung back as we allowed the grandmother and granddaughter to be the first to the door, our eyes fixed on the woman’s face as she choked back sobs at the sight of her lost grandchild. Our sweet Jesús had found his home.

Grandmother and grandchild, reunited

That day, we witnessed an unforgettable moment of unfiltered love and thankfulness. We were reminded that nothing on earth is sweeter than being found by the one who loves you.

We were lost. Now we are found. And the heavens rejoice.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you are not sure if you’d go to Heaven if you died today, the Bible says you are one of those who is lost. The good news is that Jesus will help you be found and Heaven can be your home. Please read this and it will help this happen for you! Read: “The Road to God’s Forgiveness and Salvation, and the Gift of Heaven.”

In His love,
Pastor Tim Burt

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