Put Yourself in Their Shoes… By Renee Burt

Have you ever been around a group of people who are talking about the great time they all had together that weekend…an event you obviously weren’t invited to! Or have you ever been in a conversation where the other two people share some secret joke…and don’t offer to fill you in on what’s so funny. Or how about this one…you need to lose some serious weight, and the close-to-perfect-bodied person you’re talking to is complaining because they gained an entire two pounds!! Those are all times when you would like to haul off and either scream or knock some sense in the other person, so they get a clue that they’re being insensitive. Being sensitive to where other people are at is one of the kindest things you can do. That means you might just need to think before you speak…and put yourself first in their shoes, considering how your actions or words will affect them. Will they discourage them, make them feel awkward or left out, or make them feel like a loser? Or will they encourage them, make them feel comfortable and included, or make them feel like a winner? I’m so thankful when others are sensitive and kind to me…it’s the least I can do for someone else!

Galatians 4:12 MSG ~ My dear friends, what I would really like you to do is try to put yourselves in my shoes to the same extent that I, when I was with you, put myself in yours. You were very sensitive and kind then.

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