No Ankle-Biting

By Renee Burt

There are a lot of natural human tendencies we all have…some good…and some that are not so good. One of them is to want to look at someone else’s life and observe what you think they should or shouldn’t be doing. It’s the old “on the outside, looking in” tendency that sees things that other person SURELY must not see they’re doing wrong (in your opinion, that is). And so you take it upon yourself to either give them your unasked for opinion…or you talk to someone else about your observations to see if they see the same “flaws” in that person that you see. Well, lo and behold, the other person not only agrees that you’re right, but then they add their own personal observations…you know, so you can both discuss what that other person should be doing! I’ve done that before…so have you, if you care to admit it. But here’s the deal. God didn’t assign any of us to decide how another person should walk out their God given path. Because frankly, it takes all of our focus, energy, and time just to walk out our own path. So be like a horse in a race that has blinders on…keep your eyes on YOUR path, don’t bite the ankles of those running in the lane next to yours…and focus on you doing your best in YOUR race!

II Timothy 2:14-15 MSG ~ Repeat these basic essentials over and over to God’s people. Warn them before God against pious nitpicking, which chips away at the faith. It just wears everyone out. Concentrate on doing your best for God…

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Published by Pastor Tim Burt
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