You’re a Good News Magnet!

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Have you ever been in a period of you life when it seems like a lot of the news you hear is bad news? It can be disheartening after awhile…especially if the news starts to hit too close to home. That’s what happened to me recently. I got some bad news that felt like a kick in the stomach…or should I say, a kick in the heart. I was so bothered by it, I could barely sleep that night…and when I did fall asleep, I had bad dreams related to this piece of bad news. So I woke up tired, and my sleep-deprived mind began to say things like, “You’ve become like a bad-news magnet. And just when you thought it couldn’t be worse…see? It can get worse! It’s like you’re on some kind of bad-news roll, so you better not say nothing could be worse than this news, or maybe the next news you get will be even worse!”

I could feel fear and discouragement trying to seize my emotions. It was time for some action, or I knew I would melt into tears. So I took a deep breath and replaced those wearisome thoughts with thoughts that said, “God is going to work everything out! And it doesn’t matter WHAT bad news comes along, He’s more than able to turn it around and make it into good news!” Because the truth is that God didn’t create us to be bad-news magnets, but to be good-news magnets! And not because of anything we do, but because He loves us and has a plan for our life that is GOOD…and that includes so much good news, we’ll even wind up getting a reputation for being good-news people! And how’s that for some good news?

Zechariah 8:12-13 MSG ~ “You’ve gotten a reputation as a bad-news people….but I’m coming to save you. From now on, you’re the good-news people. Don’t be afraid. Keep a firm grip on what I’m doing.”

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