A Powerful Poem

"Execution of the innocent"© by Jeff Burt

This is a poem my son wrote about abortion. To me it is powerful. It is not meant to condemn anyone. It is meant to open eyes and awareness of the life within.

Can you feel my shallow breathing as another life begins?
Can you sense the wondrous miracle that's taken place within?
Can you feel the perfect love within my just-created soul?
Can you sense my utter helplessness, my life in your control?

Can you feel my lost confusion as my world is opened up?
Can you tell me what I've done deserving such a bitter cup?
Can you feel the tortured panic in the beating of my heart?
Can you feel my horrid anguish as my body's torn apart?

Can you hear my silent screaming as they scrape me from your womb?
Can you feel me writhe in pain as you become my living tomb?
Can you feel my body spasm as I take my final breath?
Can you justify my murder? Can you justify my death?

Copyright ©2001 Jeff Burt

I published this poem to bring the perspective of the unborn child. I hope it spoke to your heart.

After recieving some beautiful feedback from this today, I decided I need to edit and add these thoughts.

For anyone who has ever had an abortion, it may have been one of the hardest moments you’ve ever had work through in your life. This wasn’t meant to condemn you. If you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you know He forgives you for what did. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you have a place to bring this guilt and condemnation. You can lay it at His feet and ask forgiveness. He will forgive you and receieve you as His own. If you don’t know how, click here: Learn About Jesus You can also click here: Additional Help After An Abortion for support.

In His love,
Pastor Tim

This comment was send to me by Julie Larson

The poem is very powerful. I cried. The harsh realities of abortion are too often sugar-coated, so I appreciate and thank you for sharing it. Having made this choice myself and experienced this before my life with the Lord, reading it does bring painful memories back to the surface, but I didn’t feel condemned. I know I’ve been forgiven by God—and I know I’ll be reunited with that baby in heaven. For those of us that have to live with the repercussions of choosing abortion, there is no better place than to know that God forgives. Whether abortion or anything else, we all have to deal with guilt from our past or it will eat us up. When I’m reminded of things in my past (…which is pretty regularly), I deliberately and purposefully focus on God’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness instead of what I’ve done. I can’t undo it anyway, so it’s fruitless to dwell on that. HE’S the one who told me that I’m a new person when I decided to live my life for Him, so that ALWAYS gives me hope and draws me closer to Him. To KNOW that you’re forgiven of the terrible things you’ve done is not an easy place to get to for many of us, and I DO realize that many women live with guilt, pain, and regrets for a lifetime because of abortion. It does not have to be that way and we have the right as a child of the living God to be free from our past TODAY! God’s love is powerful and life-changing!

From another reader:
Greetings Pastor Burt,
While I have been privileged to read your many Manna writings in the past, this one truly came home.

My wife and I have 3 adopted children and she voluntaries at 1st Choice in Las Vegas -a very busy anti abortion setup while a friend and myself help support some of the programs.

It is interesting when we mess with what God has created how we are affected in ways we did not think of, some are:
1. 45million more people in the United States alone lost to abortion.
2. If those people were alive we would:
1. Have a need for 15million more homes ( the same quantity now empty)
2. There would be no deflation in home values as the homes would all are in demand.
3. The factories would be busy as the 45million people means about 13% more production needed.
4. There would be no need for the government to assist (with our money) as the economy would be good.
5. There would be more income for the government due to more people therefore no need for a tax increase.
6. I am sure a lot of other areas would be positively affected, like more people in our churches.

Blessing, and thanks again for sharing you sons poem. Wayne

Published by Pastor Tim Burt
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