Having a Turtle Day?

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Some days I feel like a turtle…meaning, I’m feeling sort of shy, not very confident, and unsure of the steps I need to take that day. Now, if I didn’t have to leave my house, it would be just fine to pull my head back into my “shell” and have some turtle time! But my life and my work are all about people, which I really do love. I love interacting with people, and I love to ask questions that help me discover all kinds of interesting things about them. What spells trouble on a “turtle day” is that, in those conversations with these poor unsuspecting people who have NO idea of my turtle feelings, it feels like there’s a synapse between my brain and my mouth…and the words just don’t come as easily. At those times, frankly, sometimes even I wonder, “WHAT is she talking about?”

So what do I do on those “turtle days”… that oftentimes happen on the days when I most need to be able to make intelligible conversation? I’ve learned to realize that I can’t always say everything perfectly, it’s okay to be quieter once in awhile, and I don’t have to feel responsible to make sure every conversation is a “10!” I can just be me, even on a turtle day…and trust God that He’ll help me to live my best that day, despite my temporary turtle persona. Trouble isn’t always about the big things we face in life…it’s whatever we face that tries to steal our joy and cause us to feel out of sorts with our day. So if you’re having one of those troubling “turtle days,” let Him help you come on out of your shell,,, and be comfortable just being your best YOU today!

Psalm 34:17 NLT ~ The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.

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