How We View the World

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by Pastor Tim Burt

How We View the World (Author Unknown)
This is a reprint of an article someone had sent me. The author is unknown. I did not write this but it is beautiful and I hope you are blessed by it.

Titus 1:15 “Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure…”

Sometimes, life is all about perspective. Half-full, half-empty. Dreary rain or needed moisture. Heavy burden or chance to grow in God. Then there are our personal perceptions. We’re too big, too short, too tall, too loud; introvert, extrovert, gloomy, bubbly. We focus on what we see as faults instead of allowing God using those perceived faults to His glory.

Recently our daughter showed us how she perceives herself. She has cerebral palsy on the left side of her body. Some things are hard for her, but she tries harder than anyone I know to see how much she can do. She learned to ski this winter and this spring has mastered driving a 4-wheeler. She’s learned to walk on her tip-toes in class and recently celebrated her to ability jump rope in a class essay. She is my hero. (I even tried to learn to ski, but it was not mean to be!)

Last Sunday night, we were watching our favorite show – Extreme Home Makeover. My husband and I will watch this with our two children and rejoice with their good fortune. We often point out how God brought them through great trials and then gave them even greater blessings.

This past week, a little boy, adopted from China, was a member of a deserving family. Part-way through the show, my husband noted that you don’t see many boys adopted out of China. “Maybe he has a disability,” I answered. “What’s a disability?” Ashley quizzed. “Well, like a handicap,” I replied. “What’s a handicap?” she asked. “Well, when someone’s body or brain doesn’t work like others think it should,” I offered, realizing she was not applying either term to herself. “Oh, that poor boy,” she said with great sympathy.

We do not know if the little boy has a handicap or disability. He was a precious child with big eyes and a loving sister. We do know he has a great family. And we know that our daughter does not see herself as disabled or handicapped or even different. Her perspective of herself is that she is just Ashley. She can do anything. And we believe we can! Someday, you may see herself on the roles with leaders such as our President and Condileeza Rice. She may be a great singer and impact the world for God. She may be a wonderful mom, teaching her own children about Jesus around the dinner table. But where ever life leads her, she will never be a victim.

She is our overcomer. A child of God. Brought through great waters and heading for great blessings. That is how she sees herself. How do you see yourself?

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

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