One thought on “Fishing for Laughs in Times Square

  1. I used to volunteer at the kids elementary school once a week for silent reading after lunch! One day one of the kids passed gas and the kids all began to look around and giggle! I looked up from the teachers desk and responded ” It’s okay, it was just a barking tree spider!” Oh you should have heard the laughter then! LOL

    There is another quote…excuse that burp from the bottom of my heart, if it would have been the other end it would have been a f..t! We could not use this word growing up in my home and one night at the dinner table I said to my dad, look it up in the dictionary it says a minor explosion between the legs! As you can imagine he did not like this comment!

    I made chili when our children were real young and accidentally made the equivalence to 12 cups of beans! We were all playing in the band that night and if you would have lite a match the house probably would have blown up! I told my husband if someone came to the door that we were not going to answer it! That evening laying in bed we heard our poor children from their rooms, our son in cloth diapers and plastic pants was priceless! We giggled listening and thought about freezing this chili and feeding it to family and friends when they came to visit! Good times!

    It was a hot humid day in Minnesota and I was pregnant and stripping a floor and waxing it at a community school! I drank so much water and had been sick all day! On our way home my husband and I stopped at a small grocery store to pick up a few things! Standing in line I passed a silent and deadly! There were a couple people standing behind us and all the sudden my husband looks at me and says “PU” I was handing the cashier money and the looking at his face with my own face bright red with tears of laughter running down my face and unable to speak! As we were leaving the store I told my husband that I was never going into that store again, and I never did!

    And that’s enough about that!

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