One thought on “Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Preaches a Powerful Sermon

  1. I’m a tither and I’m happy to do it. My chrcuh has expenses. We do good works in the community. My pastor a gifted teacher and good friend has kids to feed. Our few ministries are meaningful and result in real life-change.I have in the past had my tithe automatically deducted from an account I had specifically set up for that very purpose. That kept me accountable and made sure it got there before I could spend it somewhere else.There was a time when I threw five bucks in and felt that was sacrificial giving on my part. My journey to tithing was an integral part of the whole of my growing relationship with a loving, forgiving God. Seems to me that giving and tithing is as personal a decision as any other. God doesn’t need my money. What He wants from me is a giving and generous heart. You’re taking 7 minutes out of what, for all we know, could have been a weeks long sermon series dedicated to growing all aspects of generosity, to include giving. And if I was a member who wanted the convenience of automated giving, I would want to know how it works before I committed.All I’m saying is maybe we might want to consider there could be context here that we might not be aware of. And that people need to explore all their options and make their own decisions about what works for them in how they express their generosity.Thanks.

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