An Act of Kindness and Prayer That Won’t Be Forgotten / And an Update!

Fresh Manna By Pastor Tim Burt

Around the days leading up to the Superbowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota, my good friends Pastors Folu and Tammara Gisanri who worked for me, led a wonderful outreach to the many visitors coming in town. The following article was written by a news anchor that had an encounter with them. I pray it blesses and inspires you. It did me and I love these precious people!

Here is the testimony directly from Malorie Maddox of WOWT, News Anchor/ Reporter from Omaha, Nebraska. Enjoy! 

For 4 days we were in Minneapolis bringing you the entire experience of the Super Bowl. I was with so many of my co-workers–hard workers, my work “family.” On the last day–a few blocks from U.S. Bank Stadium, Nick Bohan and I ran into these wo

nderful people offering free hot apple cider outside their church. (It was RECORD cold on game day.) We did an interview and they offered us two cups. As we were about to walk away, they asked Nick and I if they could they could pray for us.

This is the first time as a journalist I have ever had this happen. Tammara Gisanri said a prayer wishing us safe travels home. Little did we know, less than 24 hours later we would almost be in a 5-car pile-up on I-35. It is a miracle we did not hit any cars in our news unit. Yes, we were going very slow. Yes, we were able to avoid it. But soon after, 50-70 cars were involved in a pile-up, leaving one dead and more than a dozen injured.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to Tammara for this moment. A reminder of kindness. of strangers looking out for you. Taking a moment to wish you safe travels. I will never forget escaping that crash–and seeing that all of my co-workers managed to get home. I will never forget my son running in the door and screaming, “Mom, I missed you!”

Thank you Tammara and Living Word Christian Center. You may not remember meeting me, but l will always remember what you did for us.

And nowA Review of 2017 From Pastor Tim and Renee.  Please read this. Thank you! 

It’s time for an update! 2018 is off to a great start, and it’s been a fabulous year already! Renee and I left for a mission trip to Peru on New Years Eve 2017.  We reunited in Lima with our daughter and family who are pastors and missionaries in Peru. They work for the most wonderful church, Camino De Vida, and I was able to minister at three of their services. Renee and I were also able to connect with an orphanage for severely disabled children, who because of the severity of their physical problems are never adopted. We brought many supplies and resources to help support the orphanage and missionaries there.  It was a shorter trip for me than for Renee, because I had to be back for obligations at home. She continued to stay in Lima to be a blessing for an extra week.  When Renee and I talked about the trip afterwards, we felt like we had an army of people praying, because it was the most seamless and fruitful trip! Thanks to each of you who were praying and to those who donate to our efforts. Your rewards are eternal!

Renee and I have now entered our first full year of not being on staff at a church.  We resigned last May 31, after 35 years in ministry, to focus on our growing and expanding ministry to the world. We are using all we know and have learned over the years to reach the world with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. We are seeing incredible fruit daily in our efforts. People write me every single day about how Fresh Manna and my Tweets (on Twitter) teach them about Jesus and God’s Word, and how it has led them to the Lord or changed their life. I’ve been writing Fresh Manna since the year 2000. There were readers from three more countries this year, now making it having been read in 217 countries. I was followed on Twitter by over 25,000 more people in 2017, with now over 170,000 followers. Through Twitter and Fresh Manna, our efforts on average reach between 3 to 6 million people a day with the love and encouragement of God’s word.

We don’t take any salary from this ministry. Every penny is used for ministering the gospel in churches and conferences, online and on the mission field, aiding missionaries, and for reaching and ministering to the impoverished in third world countries! I’ll be adding more information shortly about our efforts reaching India and Africa. We thank you for being a part. This is your fruit also!

This is a very short overview of what we are doing though this ministry, and we cannot thank you enough for your prayers and donations.  We praise God for what the Lord is doing through the two of us, and through all of you through your help. God bless you. We pray for you daily!

Proverbs 19:17  “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

In His Love,
Pastor Tim Burt

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If Fresh Manna is a blessing to you, please let me know. Thank you.