A Tip to Help Your Love Walk

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Have you ever experienced a day where you were determined you were going to be a light for the Lord and let people see the love of God in you, and instead, the opposite came out? Someone challenged your mental outlook and attitude by being carnal and provoking you, succeeding in drawing you down to their level?

Before our church services, our sound men do a sound check. Testing, one, two three. They do this so that we don’t have technical issues that become a distraction to everyone during the service.  For me, I’ve learned that I have to purposely check my thoughts, words and attitude from time to time and put them through a sound check so I’m sure the love of Jesus is going to come out.One morning I had just finished praying and writing Fresh Manna. I had some errands to run. On my way to Home Depot, I was driving when a person changed lanes abruptly getting right in front of me. Then they slowed down 10 miles per hour below the speed limit. I could feel my blood pressure rising. I get to the store and am waiting for a person who was pulling out of her parking space. As soon as she did, a car comes from the other direction and pulls into it. I was getting a little hotter under the collar. Then, I am in a line in at the return counter and my turn comes up. Suddenly an older lady out of nowhere walks right in front of me to be next. The employee caught it and made her go to the back of the line. Whew! These kinds of simple stupid meaningless things happen all the time. And they are a ploy of the enemy to get us out of our love walk and destroy the favor of God that would help us be a light to the world around us. And unless we are occasionally taking a sound check, we’ll let people drag us down. The favor of God seldom operates when we slip int
o carnality. So it’s critical we don’t let others draw us into it.

At times like this, I always remember the words that God has spoken to my heart as a young Christian. He said, Tim, No matter what anyone else does, just do what is right. Those words were life-changing. They are the words I say to myself every time my love walk is challenged.  They remind me of how to be obedient to the Lord in loving those that aren’t so nice. No matter what they do, I just have to do the right thing. Deep down I always seem to know what that is. This is how God has helped me love my enemies (or inappropriate people) and keep a right mental outlook and attitude. It really provides me with a tool of discernment in uncomfortable situations. It helps me take a higher road. Most importantly, it helps me keep the touch of God’s love present so that He can work through me in difficult situations so that I may give His love instead of a carnal, get back, unkind retort!

No matter what anyone else does, just do what is right! This nugget has kept me from failing in my thoughts, attitude, and words again and again. And it’s helped me be successful at hearing from God and bringing words of wisdom, comfort, direction and His love. He wants to do this for you also!

John 13:35 “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

In In His love,
Pastor Tim Burt

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4 thoughts on “A Tip to Help Your Love Walk

  1. A problem that I have often is that I am surrounded by Jehovah Witnesses. God says we are all on the same side, but every branch of Christianity hates another. I try so hard to bite my tongue when they come up with some of their ridiculous interpretations, and they get pretty hateful when you question them – like their way is the truth and you are stupid. I’ll even point out what the Bible clearly says, even their bible. They come back with ‘oh no, that’s not what it means.’ I leave so frustrated. I think as Christians, we should all be working together – not tearing each other apart. Any advice?

  2. The timing of this post is perfect. Thank you for this reminder to do what is right, no matter what anyone else does. So difficult at times. Thank you Pastor Tim.

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